How will i give my offering?

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Although the next few weeks will likely involve unique formats and scheduling of our services, the ministry responsibilities, both locally and around the world, will continue. Let’s be faithful in our giving. There are 4 ways to give:

• Online: Select the give tab at the top of this page


• Text: Click here for detailed instructions

 Mail: Contact the Church office (817-596-8728) or and we will send you four self-addressed stamped envelopes for you to mail in your tithes and offerings. 

• Drop-off: Use the drop slot on the green office door

Who should i contact with a need?

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Victory Baptist Church is here for you during this difficult season. If you would like someone to pray with, please let us know. You can email the church office at

If you would like to reach out to someone on our ministry leadership team directly, you can find a list of those by clicking here.

from the heart of our pastor

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This is an unprecedented time in our history. The COVID-19 virus has captured the attention of the world. Right now, all across our country, schools, businesses, and organizations are in the process of restricting operations and in many cases closing all together. Our president, the CDC and our local government have outlined guidelines to help limit the spread of the virus.

So the question at hand is how will Victory Baptist Church respond? 

I want you to know that I have been praying much over these past few days and have met with our staff and deacons on how we as a church should respond to the COVID-19 situation. I have sought the counsel of many pastors and other men I deem wise. 

Through their counsel and my own research we see two nations (Italy and China) that had delayed responses which have resulted in the greatest number of cases and deaths. On the other hand nations like South Korea and Japan have taken extreme precautionary measures. Through the measures taken by those two countries, they have seen less cases and spread. 

While I understand there are many different views on this situation, I feel strongly that as a pastor I should demonstrate concern for the health of our Church family that is equal to or more than the concern the government has for us. It has been said, “it’s not wise to risk our long term health for short term gain.” I agree with this statement, and I’m sure churches all over our country will be taking different stances on this situation. 

We as Victory Baptist Church are attempting to come down on the reasonable and balanced side of things. I know to cancel all of our services would not be good for our spiritual well-being. Yet, to continue to meet together is not wise for our physical well-being. So I have decided to cancel our physical gatherings for the next couple of weeks, but you can watch our services online - Sunday Morning (10:45 am), Sunday Night (6:00pm) and Wednesday Night (7pm). We will update you each week as this is an ever evolving situation.

While we do not know what the future holds, we do know this is a rapidly changing situation. We will continue to do our best to communicate on all of our normal platforms with any changes to the current status.  If you have questions, please contact myself or our staff.  

Church, this is not a time for fear, but faith! This is not a time for Christians to panic but to show courage. It is a time to seek the Lord. We often pray for revival and ask God to awaken America and our world to their need of Christ. Could it be that God is using a pandemic to do that? Our response is critical. I love you all, I’m praying for you, and I'm looking forward to gathering again with you soon.

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