How to Give by Text

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If you have not already done so, you need to set up our church text phone number as a contact.  The phone number is:  817-609-8283. You can call this contact whatever you will remember.  (i.e. Church Teams, VBC Text)

Next, you will click on the contact name (or if you didn’t set it up as a contact, enter the number 817-609-8283) to text to it.  Under "type text message" type Give and hit send.

A link will pop up and you will hit on it.  The Giving screen will appear and you enter in the amount.  You can scroll to select the designated fund or if you scroll to the bottom you will see multiple designations and when you click on it, you can enter how much you want to give to each designated fund (i.e. $50 to General Fund; $10 VBA; $20 Missions and the total will show at the bottom - i.e. $80.00)

You can click if this is a one time giving or if you want it to be a recurring giving.

You click if it will be given using a credit card or from your bank account and enter the appropriate information.

If you have any problems whatsoever, 

call the church office 817-596-8728 or Kim at: 484-866-3607.